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ctOS®Network is our new online gaming infastructure powered by the VPN Protocal on Android Devices we can drive your online experience more efficiently using our Dedicated VIP Servers!

- About Us

We first started ctOS®Network back in 2018 to push a new network to compete with "Google Play Games" Online Gaming Platform and change gaming forever in a way it benifits us and Google at the sametime!

Our Services

Fast & Secure Servers

The most thing everyone wants is security & we are 100% dedicated keeping you safe while playing games online with other players, we keep all our users ip hidden from the public and give our players the fastest services on the planet with Our High Secured Firewall you will always be safe!.

Cloud Saving

Our database keeps tracks of your progress such as online stats,time played, etc, as well with our new cloud saving feature we auto back up your save data for your online profile via backup servers to prevent data loss in case of a mishap on our end.

Dedicated Servers

We love to play games online, but as gamers know lag is something known in the gaming community & we wanted to solve that problem by running games online using our dedicated 24/7 servers, this way you can expect low latency, lower pings, & more fun without lag interruotions.


We enjoy customizing our characters, but we also love to tweak our settings, you can easily customize what region you like your server to be regardless of in-game server parameters, and choose what applications to unblock as well.

Viperware Anti-Cheat Engine

Our network loves mods, but some players take it to the extreme and uses mods to cheat online & play unfairly so we partnered up with Microsoft to bring you our new engine "Viperware - Anti-Cheat Detection Engine" to stop cheaters in their tracks.

Speed Websites Faster

You can also use our network to boost your speed of opening websites on any browser.